About School

Why train with Me?

Sugaring House Beauty Academy & Spas is passionate about all things Holistic and Profesional. I have been performing this ancient Egyptian wax and beauty industry for over 10 years!  I can break down this art form into easy-to-follow steps that will have you Sugaring like a pro fast! I am good at seeing the little technique tweaks that will shift your sugaring from “ok” to “Yay” quickly! Sugaring isn’t just about hair removal, Sugaring is an art! It’s luxury….an experience! 

Why learn the ancient art of Sugaring?

  • It is only warmed to body temperature, so there is zero chance of burning your skin!
  • Sugar only adheres to dead skin cells & the hair. Therefore, will not lift live skin!
  • It is an all-natural form of Hair removal
  • It is easy to remove because it is water soluble.
  • Fewer ingrown hairs than waxing because we remove IN THE DIRECTION of hair-growth, not against it
  • It is cost effective and better for the environment, because we don’t use strips, sticks and materials.


What is included in the Basic Certification?

My basic certifications are 1-day Intensives where we focus on sugaring technique mastery of:

  • Virtual Sugar Theory:
  • Paste Types, hand positioning and pre/post sugaring clean-up.
  • Full Legs
  • Underarm
  • Brow & Lip
  • Full Face
  • Basic Bikini

You will leave class feeling confident in your new-found sugaring skills and you will be able to order your own sugar directly from Cleopatra Ancient Egyptian’s Professional Body Sugaring.

  • Private: $1200 per person (1 -2 people)
  • Price: Group rate $900 per person (3 people minimum)
  • Price: One Day BASIC + ADVANCED(Brazilian) Training rate $1450 – Our Most popular!